Two things that are peeving me out today, one literary, and one tv/film (but certainly happens in literature too.)

1. Has there ever been a good fiction novel/short story written in first person? I’m trying hard to think of one. I’m sure it can be done by someone with some serious writing prowess, but when it’s poorly executed (which, in my opinion, is usually) it is soooooo grating. Third person limited, please!!

2. I’m not going to say what this is in response to because it aired recently and also because it’s such a wide-spread trope that it really doesn’t need any specific context.

If that’s the only way you can think to make your story interesting, your writing is bad and you should feel bad. #IMHO. Not to say killing a coupled character is always a terrible choice, obviously, but there are definitely far too many cases of “we couldn’t come up with something interesting to do with two people who are happy and stable together so we decided to ruin everything just to shake things up.” I’M OVER IT.