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Bigotry and victims of bigotry

Toronto has this great web newspaper called the Torontoist, and today they did an article on Rob Ford and his bigotry and comments, but the article's subtitle is "We need to talk less about Rob Ford and more about his victims". The author, Desmond Cole is right; we tend to talk about the perpetrators of these kinds of things and less about the impact on their targets.


Aside from Ford himself, and this article was just a springboard for more general thoughts, it got me to thinking about the Cumia affair and how everyone is focusing on Cumia, but what about the woman he photographed; what was the impact on her? I'm sure she's read the articles and tweets by now ... I'm sure she's angry, upset and who knows what else .


A commenter from the Torontoist article, rich1299;

What's mostly concerned me as a gay man is the way Rob Ford, and others in the public spotlight like him, embolden other bigots to act out. It makes their own bigotry seem more socially acceptable so repeated more often and the more its repeated the more it spreads and the greater chance of violence.

The quote above reminds me of the racially charged attack on V. Stiviano a few weeks ago ...

The article also references comments Ford made about players on the football team that he coached;

Rob Ford has referred to the black children he once coached in football as "fucking minorities." He has said most of these young men would be dead or in jail without him. He and his brother have repeated the patronizing mantra that no one has done more for black people than the mayor. He will never confess that he thinks of these students as a special class, intrinsically prone to different types of psychology and behaviour than "the rest of us" (that is, than people like Rob Ford).


I would submit that by focusing on the perpetrators rather than their victims, we are, to a certain extent giving a further platform to these people and while not erasing the impact on their victims, the victims become supporting players in the drama; the lead role going to the perpetrator.

Read the article; it says it better than I can.

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