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Bike Build

There's something about working on an old, broken-down bicycle that makes me feel so good. I know almost nothing about bikes, but there's this great co-op where I live that supplies all the tools and guidance you need to fix up bikes (for a really cheap yearly membership). They also sell used parts on the cheap.

My grandma's neighbour collects old bikes that he plans on fixing, but doesn't really get around to - so I grabbed two from him last summer when I was visiting. Of course I put off working on them all winter, and now I've got two or three weeks to get them into tip-top shape! We'll see how much I can do with them. One of them is a road bike - a Superstar Competition, according to the old stickers - and the other is a sweet cruiser with these awesome fenders. I'll try to remember to take some pics.


I was feeling so stressed out earlier today, but after two hours in the shop cleaning parts and unscrewing nuts and just checking stuff out I feel much more relaxed and excited about something that gets me out of the house - I had conversations with people! I got my hands all dirty! I learned some new stuff!

Does anyone else around here work on bicycles?

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