So I've owned a pair of these Bookman bike lights for about a year and the battery on the front one JUST ran out. If you're a cyclist, you know that that's a really long time.

My old bike lights' batteries had to be changed all the damn time...I felt like I was constantly buying batteries. They'd run out so frequently that I'd often find myself riding home in the dark, which is NO BUENO!

Besides the battery life, another huge advantage of these lights is how easy it is to take them on and off - you don't need to mount anything onto your bike or anything. They're also small enough to easily fit into your purse or pockets. When I had clunkier bike lights in the past, I used to leave them on my bike sometimes because they'd get turned on in my bag while I was out...I figured, it's daaaark, no one can see these...Needless to say, I wound up biking home from a Radiohead concert lightless. People will steal anything here...

As you can see in the photo below, the screws are TINY and I definitely don't have a small enough screwdriver, so I decided to search the internets for some pointers on how to change these batteries.


I soon discovered that this company recently put out a USB rechargeable version of these lights! Unfortunately, they're not cheap, but then again, neither are batteries, a set of tiny screwdrivers, nor getting hit by a car, so I decided to just go for it. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I'll be getting them in 2 days! YUSSS!

Here are some more photos of these awesome lights! If you have any questions about these lights, let me know!