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Bill Clinton' s speech he sooo needed an editor it got tedious

I get he loves Hillary and I get they had an amazing history. That speech was not good.

First part was too much about BIll. I get they courted. He just came across as obsessive. We do not need to know you proposed three times. It seemed almost like a trivia answer.

I could not believe he went through year by year. About 25 minutes in he said i1982. My mother who loves Bill just said “he is not going to do every single year is he”.Also Bill watching a movie marathon. Sheesh. This is about her not you.


He should have taken two important things she did in the 70s. Talk a little about married life. Talk about what she did as Governor’s Wife and First Lady. Then focus on her job as Senator and Secretary of State tell us behind the scenes which are important.

The part about the real Hillary and the caricuture being portrayed was the best part and should have been the focus.

He knows her better then anyone yet too much seemed too reminiscent and almost trivial. He spent way too much time on their courtship. The going through the years seemed almost like a list and way too many that they started to blur together.

Also this speech needed to focus on the future. He should have tied what she did to how she will use what she did as president.


Humanize was so very important but don’t turn her life into a list, don’t talk about your feelings about trying to woo her and don’t get too trivial.

Donna Brazile and Madeline Albright did a better job humanizing her and talking about what they know about her personally and how it will help her as president. Some trivia like.how they met was fine but they did not dwell on it.


Talking about her back was so close to touch her, the background of first date, being turned down three times comes across as trivial. None are important. None tell me how she will be president. It told me more about Bill.

Way too long. They wasted their 10pm slot. Albright and Senator Klobacher should have been in the 10pm hour along with the woman who was a victim of traffickimg.


Bill’s speech should have been 30 minutes at most not just short of an hour. Bill should have come on at 10:30 forcing him to talk 30 minutes.

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