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Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski Kicked Out of Motion Picture Academy I Hope More Follows

Bill Cosby its good that he is out. Roman Polanski should have been done when he pled guilty and fled the country. He raped a minor. 45 odd years later this seems like the Academy said “we can’t just kick Cosby out its bad optics oh Roman Polanski that should do it”.

My understanding is they are not stripping Polanski of his Academy Award. Makes it rather a toothless expulsion. I assume finding who finished second should not be hard.


Woody Allen needs to be next yes and strip him of his Oscars. Charlie Chaplin also he married underage women as a way to cover what he was doing to them. Although Chaplin is dead so it really would not hurt him personally.

I am sure there are many more. All expulsions they need to be stripped of their Oscars.

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