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Bill Cosby--Why Now?

I am fairly young, and so I never heard anything about the allegations of rape against Bill Cosby until the past few weeks. I was shocked and horrified, and while of course he's never been convicted I think the many women who've all separately accused him are credible and should not be dismissed or ignored. I think the repercussions of having his Netflix special canceled, among other things, are good but really, really overdue. My question is, if these allegations are so old, why has this suddenly become a huge deal when apparently nobody cared before? Is it just because of Hannibal Buress? Because presumably most adults, including journalists, already knew about these damning allegations. It's just weird to me that the allegations could be public for years without anyone (apparently) caring, and then suddenly pop back up and result in real (if inadequate) consequences.

Any thoughts? Also, are there any other celebrities blithely going around being famous and beloved when they're actually horrible predators that I should know about? I know about Sean Penn but my friends were all surprised when I told them about it.


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