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Binge watching Breaking Bad (spoilers)

I watched the first season of Breaking Bad earlier this year when a coworker lent me his box set. It seemed like a truly excellent show, but I was horrified that not having money for medical care and becoming a drug dealer was an acceptable premise for a story. Sorry guys, I'm a lefty, socialist dweller of the Commonwealth. Love me anyway.

Anyway, a friend recently told me that very quickly that's no longer relevant, so I started watching more of it on Netflix and sure enough it's up there with the best programs I've ever seen.

But the point I'm at with the show (episode 9 of season 4) it really seems to get a bit lost. It's just everyone going back and forth trying to kill Walter, then Jesse, then Walter, then Jesse. It really isn't its strong point.


Did anyone else find this? Is it going to go back to form? Because this storyline is boring as all hell.

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