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Binging on Gilmore Girls

When Gilmore Girls first aired, I was approximately the same age as Rory...Now, doing a re-watch on Netflix, I just realised that I'm now Lorelei's age. I don't know how I feel about this.

I'm a few episodes into the first season and am remembering how I was super invested in Rory's storylines and a little meh about Lorelei's. Now though, I react to Lorelei not in the "I wish she was MY Mom" way, but as a peer. It's that experience of re-visiting a book/show/movie from your youth and you feel like you're watching a COMPLETELY different show. And the interwebs commentary of late is fairly accurate - Rory and Lorelei can be the worst. They both regularly act spoiled and expect everyone to appreciate and accommodate their special-snowflake-ness.


It doesn't make me hate the show or them at all, it adds another layer of intrigue. Going towards hate can totally happen - I remember re-watching Sex and the City last year and thinking "wtf is wrong with all these women? You've never farted in front of a boyfriend and you're 33?!? There is NO WAY you could have afforded that apartment or your shopping habit on your one column writer salary. Mr Big is such a douchebag, why are you wasting your time?!" Everything they did made me want to throw something at the TV and zero of it felt relevant to my current life as a single thirty-something...

How are you all enjoying the first day of binge watching??

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