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Bingo for a misogynistic world

Following in the footsteps of Bingo variations like Rape Bingo: College Edition, I present to you MISGO — a game of chance and misogyny! Feel free to mark off each incident as you encounter them on a site like this, in an article about women, or in your favorite online gaming environment.


The cards

There are three different versions of the cards, all utilizing the same bank of words. This way, you can play by yourself or with up to two friends!

Remember to celebrate each win with an alcoholic beverage of your choice — it'll help numb the pain.


On a more serious note

My poor attempts at humor aside, the contents of these Bingo cards are neither made up nor exaggerated. Every single word or phrase placed on these cards were drawn from current, public events, including:

  • Comments from a YouTube video about Anita Sarkeesian and her Kickstarter project for the Tropes vs. Women video series;
  • Adria Richards, who received flak and death threats after tweeting her disgust concerning comments about "big dongles" while at the US PyCon developer conference;
  • Public outlash following the ruling of the Steubenville rape trial;
  • Responses to The Everyday Sexism Project; and
  • Comments made on various Gawker posts in reference to both women who are featured in articles and comment on them.

It's likely that the vast majority of people who have spent a significant amount of time online have seen comments like these being directed to women and, for those of us who publicly reveal that we are women, have been subjected to them.

MISGO was prompted by a comment made by HermionePond. I just ran with the idea! Thank you for the inspiration.


The stock image is by Scott Telle.

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