Well, shit. I can’t drop the class because doing so will pull back all of my financial aid for the semester. So, I’m making an appointment to meet with my instructor face to face for additional help.

I’ve admittedly got a lot on my plate right now. I’m working roughly 30 hours a week at a physically demanding job, I’m in a musical ensemble that meets six hours a week and requires about an hour of outside practice daily (we will be performing in what may easily be the most significant musical event of my entire life in three weeks from now), I’m taking a first semester language class (German), I’m preparing to move to a new city in two months, I’m getting together my transfer application materials for the university I’ll be attending in the spring, going to therapy weekly, and I was scheduled to work a weekend long event for the nonprofit I volunteer with. Not to mention trying to spend time with friends and my boyfriend once in a blue moon so I don’t go crazy from isolation. I had to trim some time away somewhere in order for me to have extra space to work more on the biology class, so I called the volunteer coordinator and told him I can’t work this upcoming weekend. I feel horrible about canceling on relatively short notice like this, but I’m already not feeling well- my body is starting to get worn out from all of the running around I do and I know it’s just a short jump from there to getting sick, which I absolutely cannot afford right now. I ended up in the hospital around this time last year and I just know I can’t put any additional stress on my body right now, and working a three day long seminar when I’m already sleep deprived, distracted, and run down could easily get me into a bad place.

Anyway. Thank you for all the comments and support on my earlier post. I’m going to do my best to keep this all together.