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Biphobia: Your daily headdesk

I will preface to say as a Queer person, I've been a member of bisexual organizations, lead discussions and presented at conferences to talk about Bisexuality and other types of Queer identity and been friends with many many bisexual people. The idea that "everyone is bisexual" is not a popular one. Oh, it exists SURE— almost defensively but this shit, fuck, the bi-erasure and misdirection:

But then bisexuals hate the idea that it's simply a phase they're going through, something one grows out of. But consider the fact that so many bisexual idols end up returning to the stable, monogamous heterosexual fold. Singer Katy Perry may have boasted in her hit single 'I Kissed A Girl', but she actually married Russell Brand: in 2008 Lou Reed decided to stop walking on the wild side and settled down and married artist Laurie Anderson. In interviews, Angelina Jolie used to talk about her sexual attraction to women — and then married Brad Pitt.

Maybe I should have been more patient with Mrs Perfect — who knows, we could have ended up happily married, and heterosexual, by now.


K, Lou Reed was pretty been consistent about his sexual orientation—and it doesn't erase his history and what he felt as real. I'd say the same about Angelina Jolie. Sexuality isn't just who you are screwing—why would it be? No one would claim that about any other sexual orientation. You don't stop being a lesbian if you aren't having sex with a woman. And, the idea that Katy Perry is invoked. GAWD.

When I reply that I'm exclusively attracted to women, I get the 'poor you' look and then the lecture about how heteros like me are trapped in such a rigid and limited range of desire because we're afraid to admit our repressed longings. Men like me fear coming out as bisexual because, as Patrick McAleenan wrote recently in the Daily Telegraph,'male bisexuality is simply hard for many straights to tolerate'. Actually, male heterosexuality is hard for many bisexuals to tolerate.

They don't believe that there's such a thing as heterosexuality or homosexuality (much to the irritation of some gay activists). They argue that human sexuality is never fixed — except by the repressions of religion, social conventions etc — but is always fluid. A younger generation of women don't even bother calling themselves bisexual, they are just 'sexually fluid'.


Oh yes, of course, it's the impositional bisexual industrial complex, unable to tolerate male heterosexuality.

Now I'm aware this is clickbait and bullshit from a conservative news source but it pushes the same narrative that is always pushed—bisexuality and any other non-dichotimous sexual orientations is full of deluded attention whores who will eventually find out who they are when they grow up and it's tiring.


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