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Birchbox December 2014!

Oh hey dudes!

I made another post on mah blogzorz. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into regular blogging, though the format and content might be changing a wee bit! FUN TIMES AHEAD!

But for now, here is me waxing lyrical on this month's Birchbox. Please feel free to bop over HERE for a looksie. It's very long and I didn't want to subject all of you to that here. But you can always come back and comment! Tell me what YOU got! Hooray!


I may even start doing VIDEOS. Because I have the equipment now, and I want to talk about my favorite things each month and show you things and techniques and just whatever happens to be on my face and such. Seems like that'll be easier to do via video. But I'll still do writing posts! I like writing about this stuff! I need to spend some dollars to maintain my VIB Rouge status at Sephora so I'll probably do some sort of haul in the next couple weeks. What else am I going to do over the holidays, if not play with makeup?!

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