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How is everyone? Ready to oooooh and ahhhh at some makeup bits and bobs? Well, less oohing and ahhhing this month. Sorry :(

Tomorrow I hope to post my Ipsy review, which I am at least a bit more excited about this month.

I'll be honest with you here, friends, February has been kind of a shit month for me. Cross your fingers for me that it gets better soon?


Mes petites choux! Hello! I hope everyone is having a fantabulous Thursday.

After all the hype about this month's Birchbox (they teamed up with US Weekly, after all!), I was definitely expecting to be wowed. Unfortunately, I think it fell just a little bit flat. Honestly, I have to expect that sometimes - not even the most perfect of subscription services is going to hit it out of the park every darn month. Fortunately, they do it more often than not, and even when I think a box is something of a 'dud', I still find at least something I'll enjoy, and that makes the overall cost totally worth it.


Let's get a-reviewin', eh?


Beauty Protector Protect & Oil (Full Size: $25.95/4oz) - Because apparently I don't have enough hair products yet! Seriously guys. I cut ~18 inches of my hair off last year to donate, and I am so sick of waiting around for it to grow back. I just want to play with all the beach sprays and protective oils! This is a product that purports to not only protect your hair from heat styling, but also to protect it from UV rays. It adds glossiness and strength, is paraben-free, and also cruelty free. Probably, if you ask nicely, it'll also recite gentle affirmations to you whilst you gently massage it through your precious locks. The snark is strong with me today, can you tell? In all honesty, this product sounds a lot like my beloved Moroccan Argan oil lightweight spray stuff, and that has the added benefit of costing less than half as much for twice the product. BUT, I will give it a fair go, as I always do, for your benefit my lovies!

Harney & Sons Wrapped Tea Sachets ($9.60 for a box of 20) - Okay, this is something that I will definitely use. I love tea. Like, an unreasonable amount. If there were some sort of unlimited tea land I'd be Queen of it. These also come in the really nice silk tea bags, which I always appreciate. Treat your tea properly, people! Boring, but useful.


OPI Sheer Tints Color-Tinted Top Coat ($9/0.5oz) - I.... I.... I really don't understand this. I guess it's supposed to be like a gelly-type polish thing that you can do cool things with but it's sheer? So maybe it'd be cool over another color? Or white? Like for weird French hipster manicure looks? (Look, I love the French. Adore them, think they are wonderful. But their hipsters are even more strange and insufferable than ours are.) I'll get back to you on this one, ok? I definitely don't think I'll be using it alone just over my nails. 'A sheer wash of color' is definitely NOT what I want when I go all out with the polish and the girly-ness! Sparkles may be involved. Stay tuned. Maybe this'll be good over my weird purple sparkle-sand polish...

Joan Vass L'eau de Cristal ($75/1.7oz) - This is actually a lovely fragrance. It's very light, but not so light that I can't wear it (I really like rich, musky scents, so if something like this appeals it has to have undertones of something exotic/earthy). I suspect I will be relying on this quite often once spring (finally) rolls around. The boyfriend may appreciate me veering away from my dependence on colognes, as well!


dr. brandt Pores No More ($42 for full kit) - Alright. C'mon Birchbox, you can't tease me with a 'kit' and then only send me one of the products. For that reason alone I am grumpy about this product. Supposedly it is an additional thing that you put on your face to minimize pores. Please to tell me why I can't just use a pore-refining primer? Or my beloved Porefessional? While I am skeptical about adding yet another product to my skincare regimen, I'll give it an honest go and get back to you if I somehow fall in love.

So, you see, I was less than thrilled. I'll try the products, but none of them (except the tea. all the points go to the tea) made me immediately think "OH YEAH I am excited to use this!" Which is disappointing, but c'est la vie. With luck, next months will be stellar, and I will go back to living in Birchbox Bliss :)


As always, if you wish to sign up for Birchbox, please be so kind and use my referral link, which can be found HERE. Adore you all!