Mes petites choux!

Did you miss me? Because I certainly missed you! But my unexpected day off work (whoever is in charge of snow and I need to have a serious chat.) means that you get an updated blog post!

Today I'd like to just quickly review the Birchbox I received for this month. Unlike last month, this box contained some really neat stuff, and I'm excited to try everything out (real talk: I've tried most of them out). Let's get going, then, shall we my kittens?

Look at all of these goodies! Every once in a while, Birchbox will include a sample of a product that is not necessarily high end (doesn't mean it isn't quality, just means you can get it at your local CVS!) for subscribers to try. They make it very clear that this does not replace any of your regular samples - it's just something they've come across that they think is super cool. This month, that is absolutely the case! They sent out that small little tub of Burt's Bees Clary Sage moisturizer "Intense Hydration". Now, I've only used it for a couple days, so I can't give you a definitive Yay or Nay, but so far I like it quite a bit. As I will explain soon in a much longer post, my skin care routine is a constant work in progress, as I have skin that is fairly oily-to-combination, coupled with nummular eczema. Please don't Google that, for the sake of your sanity. All it is is eczema that shows up in various sized spots, typically pretty evenly circular, all over the place. I get them mostly on my arms and legs, but sometimes they show up on my face. It's a constant battle between the need for mattifying products and the need for intense hydration, and I don't even get it as badly as most! So, should this BBs face lotion not break me out, I may have found a friend for my regular moisturizer! Hooray! All Burt's Bees products are certified natural, up to 99%, and they do not test on animals, which has always made me inclined towards their products. You can't beat the price either, especially since Birchbox sent out a $3 off coupon (you can also find this coupon on the Burt's Bees website, link here), bringing the price down to ~$15! Well done, Birchbox. You've brought yourself back from the doghouse you put yourself in last month.


Now, onto the 'regular' products!

100% Pure - Fruit Pigmented Mascara (Full Size, $18): This, my friends, is an all-natural mascara. Their website (link here) claims that all their products are completely natural, organic, and Vegan. Naturally, the company is also cruelty-free (they do not test on animals)! This mascara is the Black Tea Ultra Lengthening, and while I don't see anything technologically spectacular about the brush or formulation, it seems nice enough. My only complaint? The smell. Friends, this does not smell nice at all. But, if what you're looking for is all natural and vegan, I suspect 'delicious smelling' is either not on your must-have list for the product or would just be a nice bonus. And hey, I can't blame you for that. It's hard enough finding makeup that fits all these criteria, and typically if it smells nice there is likely at least one not at all natural component. Thanks, science. Get on that, will you? I am not inclined to add this to my regular rotation of mascara, but I will definitely be looking into their other options!


Fekkai - Brilliant Glossing Creme (Full Size, $19.99): Ahhhh, Fekkai. I've always hesitated to try their products, mostly because they seem so expensive for something you can get at a drugstore. But, I have to say, I'm almost converted. This product is an olive-oil based glossing cream intended to increase the shine (shocking, I know!) of your lustrous locks. They recommend using just a pea sized amount, which I halve (short hair means too much product ends up super grease fun time!), and I really actually like it. Put it in prior to blowdrying to protect your hair from heat damage, and see it looking immediately healthier! I'm a huge fan of a product that can do that, as I'm trying to grow my hair out to my pre-donation lengths (*sob* come back, hair, come back!), and so am constantly on the lookout for products that won't weigh my hair down or damage it more, while keeping it looking nice and healthy and happy. I'd compare this product to some of the higher end Bumble and Bumble options, and it's like half the price. Yay for saving money!

Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture Original (Full Size $19-$70): My friends. It is confession time. I really really like this stuff. It's super frou frou, and extraordinarily girly, and I normally do not go for EITHER, but there is something about this scent that really appeals to me. Maybe I just like being a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bacon, who knows. But this stuff is delicious. It's like a bowl of fruit and a bouquet of fragrant flowers fell in love and had babies, and the babies smelled like this perfume. Was that a weird enough description for you? Good. I'll never buy the full bottle, because I don't use it that much, but I do so enjoy getting the samples.


Nail Rock - Glitter (Full Size, $6.99): Oh, yes, this came full-size. Finally, I can apply the herpes of craft supplies to my nails! Aside from the obvious mess that will ensue, I'm actually really looking forward to trying this. The color I got is kind of a dark blue, so naturally I'll use this when I go to my alma mater's basketball games, or when my Hawks crush it in the Superbowl. Awesome will happen. The set comes with the polish and a little tub of glitter, and includes enough to do either accent nails over and over again, or glitter-fy your entire manicure. We will see how glitterific I feel come game day.

That is all, my friends! I realize that I said this would be a short post, but I think I'm just extremely verbose. If you keep reading the things I write, then I will only be encouraged to write more. Next up: a lengthy treatise on caring for your skin, and prepping it for makeup application. This is very serious business, my little cabbages. Please be kind to your face-skin, as I am rather fond of it.


Did you appreciate my including the prices for full-size versions of these products? Let me know! Want me to do a specific kind of post? Tell me in the comments! And as always, if you are intrigued, and want to sign up for Birchbox, please use my referral link, which can be found here.


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