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Jess, I signed up using your referral link a while ago, and am currently sporting some pretty adorable nail polish from Color Club, Baldwin Blues. SO cute, but weirdly appropriate for a 40-something.

Also, full size Ghiardelli Mint Cookie chocolate bar was pretty tasty, and I have to admit I'm not usually a hand lotion/cream kind of gal, but do love the TOCCA, it's niiiiice. Haven't used my "brightening" samples yet, found the Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue a trifle underwhelming (a shame, because I love anything vanilla and citrus), but overall it's just fun to receive a box o'random stuff!


So, here's my referral link if you haven't signed up yet ($10 a month, I signed up and the invite came to me in about 4 days) - I get points to use toward mostly overpriced full size stuff that I doubt I'll ever buy. ;)

Anyway, what's everyone's favorite subscription box?

ETA: blurry but shows the true color the best, I love it! Hmm, nope, it doesn't.. hang on... OK, whoops, even worse pic, and needs a top coat for sure next time!

Also, my god, I need to clean the laptop - that's gross.

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