My husband has a skin issue. It's never been diagnosed by more than an idle comment by a coworker, but for now, we'll call it rosacea. He has very red cheeks that get flakey at the slightest irritation.

He wanted something to treat it, so I suggested a trip to Ulta (I am so self-sacrificing!). It was a bust, though, when he refused to look anywhere else but them paltry men's section. Even pointing out that brands like Philosophy are gender-neutral didn't help. He was convinced that he needed a DUDE product.

Around this time, Birchbox Men came out. At first, I had scoffed at it. It just seemed silly to me. Most guys I knew didn't really hunt for products. I'd only just gotten my husband away from Irish Spring, pointing out that the scent was causing flare-ups. He'd acted like I was making him quit his religion.

Now, though, I saw the benefit. He needed to try out products. He'd been using the same crap on his head and body, and it was becoming clear that he couldn't just keep buying the cheap stuff. His scalp and face were acting up something fierce. With a sample box, he could try things out. He didn't want to try the stuff from my Birchbox. Obviously, mine was filled with products for women, and wouldn't work for him and his man skin.

So I got him the damn box.

Fast forward a few months…

He was doubtful at first. He didn't need special products! He was a dude, and part of that was just dealing with your skin going nuts all the time. However, he was impressed by the first box. Nothing had strong scents, and everything was super high quality. He asked me to order one of the exfoliators. The next month, he wanted me to get more of the shampoo. After that, it was the hair product.


Every month, he considers cancelling the box, but we always forget. The next month, there's always something great in it that we either buy for him or for someone else.

My thoughts

I am actually slightly jealous of my husband's Birchbox.

I love my Birchbox. I really do. I love the lippies and the polishes and the treats, but… I think his is slightly better. Perhaps because they can't lean on makeup samples, they have to try a bit harder for the Birchbox Men line. They include gadgets and toys and games. He even got a grilling apron, once!


Also, the box is cooler. The regular Birchbox is just a box (though of nice construction). Birchbox Men comes in this awesome drawer box that's perfect for storing random stuff. I usually end up taking his box once it's emptied and filling it with desk or bathroom supplies.


What was in this month's box?

December was a good month for Birchbox.


  • A big sample of shaving cream
  • Some hair product
  • Exfoliating face wash
  • Some really nice shoe laces (which I'm considering stealing)
  • Some really nice socks (also, considering stealing)


I think I'm going to 'forget' to cancel the subscription again. There's still too many awesome goodies to yoink! I'd also recommend this for a guy that might be hard to buy for. It's a fun thing to sort through each month!

UPDATE: He gave me the socks but took the laces. Maaaaan...