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Birchbox: November 2013

Mes petites choux!

My Birchbox arrived! As promised, I would like to do a quick review for all of you little dearies. I've gotta say, my friends, that this is one of my favorites in a long, long while, especially from Birchbox. This month the theme was "More Good", and while the grammar lover in me has huuuuuge problems with that, it's intended in the spirit of Thanksgiving and... this not being the time to hold back? Excess? Something? Oh, Birchbox, methinks you're missing the point of the season. Except they are donating a portion of every purchase in the Shop to No Kid Hungry, which is awesome.


There is, in theory, a place where you can go look at all the different versions of boxes that get sent out, but I've yet to figure out how that works (I get too busy playing with my new makeup toys!!) so I am just going to jump right in.

BeeKind - Body Lotion. This stuff is pretty divine. Light in both texture and smell, it's made with honey and organic chamomile. It's a UK brand, the sample is a generous 30mL to the full-size 8oz. The sample will last me a while though, and is perfect to throw in a purse. DC winters get cold, and I have very sensitive hands - having a good lotion always available to me is freaking essential.

Chella - Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil. Alright, full disclosure: this is the second time I've gotten one of these in a box, and I have yet to use it. *ducks* Please don't be angry! It promises to be an excellent product, I just don't highlight/contour all that often, so I've not gotten a chance to try one out. However, I will soon! But it's a handy little pencil form of a highlighter, can be applied and blended wherever you need it, and Birchbox even includes a tutorial in their online magazine. Thanks, BB!

Joie - Folle de Joi eau de parfum. This is delicious. I have approximately 1,576,823.4 perfume samples, but this is one of the best I've ever gotten. The base scents are mandarin, rose, and sandalwood, meaning it is a scent that I can wear and like almost right away. You'll come to learn that I dislike fruity and flowery and 'girly' perfumes... I'm not actually sure why this is, they are just too cloying to me. Probably it ties into my dislike of sweets in general, and will be the reason my future therapist will be able to afford to buy all of Greece. Oh well. It's delicious. However, a full size bottle is also $98, and I have enough perfume to last me several centuries as it is, so it's unlike I'll purchase. Maybe it'll go on my Christmas Wish List.... Oh friends, just you WAIT until I do a full perfume post. I am moderately obsessed.


Wei - Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask. No clue how this will turn out. I got one of the little pods (they come in individual pods, for that alone I kinda love them!) but I don't have the special brush you apply it with. Ah well, I'm resourceful and will make do. It does exactly what the name implies - purifies skin with mud. Who else wants to meet the person who went "Hmmm, this is really muddy mud, let's put it on our face and see what happens!"? Because holy crap do I ever.

Wei - Pomegranate Buffing Beads. So, I'm really super skeptical about these. My skin is very delicate, and thinks it's some kinda Super Special Snowflake or something, because any time I try to use an exfoliating product on it it just goes NOPE. These claim to be ok for delicate skin, and it IS convenient that you just add them to your existing cleanser, but I'm for sure making a skeptical face at them. Gentle beads my ass...


Lifestyle Extra!

Mighty Leaf - Tea Pouches. Every once in a while Birchbox will throw in a little extra that isn't a beauty product. This month, I got some delicious looking teas. I'm an addict, so this is AWESOME. Can't wait to try them. Om nom nom.


Overall, this was an excellent box! The samples are all reasonably sized, they're all things that I can/will use, and I'm pretty stoked about it. Did you guys like the review? Would you like me to start putting in prices? I get three beauty subscriptions a month (there are two others I want, but I am trying not to be totally ridiculous about this, youse guise.), so I can do reviews for all three or put them together and do one "Hey I loved this from here, and also this from there!" sort of post. Please let me know what you'd like, I do this for YOU! Ok, I kinda do it for me. A little. Because seriously, I love my subs.

If you would like to join Birchbox, please use this link. That's my referral link - should any of you lovely people wish to subscribe, it gives both of us points to be redeemed in the Shop! There is a two week waiting list, but it goes by super fast and shouldn't deter you. Don't worry guys, there is also a Birchbox Men subscription. All reviews that I've seen have been super positive. It's slightly more expensive, but includes more full size products and things like socks and dopp kits. Should I find an excuse to subscribe to this one, I will let you know, and will review it as well!



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