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I know a lot of you subscribe to Birchbox, so I just wanted to remind everyone that their big points system change goes into effect tomorrow. Beginning tomorrow, you can receive points for only five product reviews (as in, ever — not five per month, but five for the duration of your subscription). If you review your July box tomorrow or anytime after that, those are your last reviews you’ll be earning points for. If you review your July Birchbox today, though, you’ll get the points for those reviews, and then you’ll also be able to review the August box and get points for those reviews. Even if you haven’t gotten your Birchbox yet, I recommend reviewing the products today anyway because those points are worth $5. There are more changes to the Birchbox points system, but that’s the most important one. I’ve linked below to the full details, if you’re interested.

If you subscribe, has this made you rethink your Birchbox subscription? I know a lot of people are canceling over it. It’s a huge change and the points system is what kept a lot of people loyal to Birchbox. I’m surprised they did this all at once instead of gradually implementing changes to the system.

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