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My lovely little cabbages! Welcome! Let's talk about Birchbox today, shall we? As most of you are probably aware, I subscribe to a couple different beauty box services. Birchbox was my first, and was really the gateway to this semi-addiction of mine. I give them ten of my dollars a month, and they send me samples of beauty products and makeup in return. All in all, it's a pretty excellent exchange of services. Now, I personally happen to love the bitsy skincare samples (even when they're not enough to actually thoroughly test the product, I'm just a sucker for tiny things), and hoard perfume samplers like it's my job, so Birchbox is great for me. Every once in a while I get something REALLY SUPER GREAT, and it's almost always worth it. However, if you prefer full size makeup samples, you might want to go take a peek at my latest Ipsy review.

On to the review!

Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume Cetalox ($120 full size) - This is so cool! Ok, so what it is, is the perfumer (Romano Ricci, which is basically the coolest name that has ever cooled) took a common element found in many perfumes, and made it the star of the show. Literally, the only performer. "But, what the heck IS it, I've never heard of it before!" you may ask, puzzled. I guarantee you've smelled it at least once. You probably have at least one perfume with cetalox as a component. It IS a synthetic substitute, but it is a sub for grey amber - a common element in any deep, musky scent. For those of you who find yourselves super sensitive to other elements in perfumes? You may want to give this a shot. It is VERY bold, very spicy and pure and delicious, but it is also allergen-free, so as long as you know you're not sensitive to cetalox you are good to go.

Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum ($42 full size) - As I've been wanting to try this for a while, I was SUPER pumped to see it in my box this month. Supposedly it works both as a moisturizer and a sunscreen (SPF 30! broad spectrum! !!! ), and if it actually does work I'm going to be over the moon. You see, I've already had one sketchy mole removed (I actually listed that as the problem on my dermatologist form when I went in, and they laughed so hard. They were like "we appreciate your understatement here!"), and I really REALLY do not want to get melanoma. I might anyway (we think I'm genetically pre-disposed. thanks SCIENCEBAMA.), but I'll do whatever I can to make sure it's not through any fault of my own. So basically if this works I'll have found my miracle face product. Am not holding my breath - most sunscreen based products make me break out, which is super frustrating, but as Supergoop is a generally really well respected brand, and they formulate their products using high-quality ingredients, I have hope. Hope, I tell you!

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper ($10 full size) - I think I told Birchbox I had curly hair back when my hair was actually long, so I keep getting curly hair product samples. Hopefully my hair will be long again soon so I can actually TRY some of them. Right now my hair will kind of try to curl, and then just give up and go POOF. So... once my hair is longer, I'll give this a shot. For now, it gets tucked into my really hodge-podge organization system that is not actually at all organized. Shrug!


Jergens BB Body (Unknown, probably your local pharmacy/Target/Walmart has it. Probably it's on sale. Why are new products always on sale?) - Ladies, we didn't have enough to worry about, so now we need to worry about whether our not our body-skin is entirely perfect and blemish free! Alright, not going to lie, I've used body makeup before. And the idea of not having to use it because you use some perfecting cream on the regular that fixes everything? Great! But... that's probably not what's going to happen here. Honestly, I prefer my 'perfecting' lotions to have a bit of self tanner in them. Seriously guys, I'm pale. My DAD even pointed it out last weekend. I won the Pale Award in our family. I decided that my brother had an unfair advantage because he's half-Italian and so is naturally darker than my probably Scandinavian back-grounded self. Whew, sorry, clearly I have some Feels about that. But anyway, I'll give this a try, but it's a pretty small sample and I just don't see it being enough to actually make a difference. Maybe I'm just being a debbie downer. I promise to write a full review if I try it and it is actually some sort of miracle product!

INIKACertified Organic Eye Liner in Green Lagoon ($20 full size) - I so love getting natural/organic products! Hilarious side story - my brother (who is 23) asked me this weekend if I had ever thought about reviewing 'plant based' makeup. Why yes, little brother, I have! But it all smells AWFUL! This eyeliner seems promising though - it feels a little hard at the pointy end, which isn't all that great for an eyeliner, but it comes with its own sharpener and is a really pretty shimmery green color. Maybe this will finally be what I need to line my eyes and have it stay put without irritating my eyes. A girl can hope, right? Love the color, am always happy to add eyeliner to my collection that is not black, I think it makes for really interesting and fun looks without having to expend too much effort!

That's all for now, folks! I'm still really liking my Birchbox sub, and I so highly recommend it. Especially if you're like me, and you really enjoy hoarding all the skincare samples, and then put them lovingly in storage containers to be pulled out periodically and gazed at, then put away again for that elusive 'perfect occasion.'


Oh, that's just me? Well okay then.

If you'd like to subscribe, please feel free to use my referral link, found HERE!

Ciao, mes petites choux! Bisous!