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Birth control and depression update

A couple months back, I posted about how since I got off the pill, my depression increased with each cycle. It got really intense right before my period and was only relieved by the flow of blood from asunder. People even mentioned the idea of PMDD which I have NOT been diagnosed with or even discussed with a doc. I wanted to be back on the pill anyways, so I thought I'd give it a shot before investigating further.

Anyways... I got back onto the pill, and honestly 2 months in, I am SIGNIFICANTLY less depressed. Just run of the mill PMS-y stuff like craving carbs and feeling a little more self conscious than usual. But man, the depression has let up so much.

It's such a relief. It also scares me that my depression increases so much without the pill. I'm not sure what my plans are yet in terms of having kids or not, but I have a lot of fears about depression and post-partum and all that. But I am also informed about it, which is a good start, should anything come up someday. Right now I don't want kids and I mainly got off the pill because of other health issues I was hoping would be improved by not ingesting any medicine at all. All that other stuff has cleared up, so I am happily on the pill again.



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