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soooo after years of suffering through monthly migraines right at the start of my period, I discovered the wonder that is taking birth control continuously. It had gotten so bad, I was having these horrible migraines for at least 24 hours at a time. Anyway, it has been great!!! Almost NO migraines and bonus NO PERIOD!!!’ I’ve been living the high life since September, needless to say.

The gynecologist said I should still have my period a few times a year, so to not do the pill continuously a few times.yes I know it’s been ten months and I haven’t necessarily followed doctors orders but damn who WANTS their period and days long migraines?!???

My question is: is this going to be the period to end all periods? Will I be covered in blood?? Will my migraine be worse than before (I don’t know how that could be possible...). Hold me. I’m scared.


Does anyone have experience with this situation? I’d love hear from you.

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