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On behalf of my BFF, who’s at the end of her rope and thinks there’s nowhere to turn (warning for frank period talk):

K* (BFF) gets migraines with aura. So in high school, her doctor told her hormonal birth control is out of the question.

She also gets very heavy, very intense, frequent periods. It’s more of a 21 day cycle, a maxi pad every 4 hours (with a tampon), but at least they weren’t painful. They were very unpredictible though, as that 21 days could stretch to over 35, and led to more than a bit of anxiety - even if all she had done was kiss a guy.


She got an IUD a few months ago - yay! She finally felt safe enough from pregnancy that she was willing to have PIV sex and is happy doing that!

HOWEVER. It is a copper IUD. Her periods are now painful, more frequent, and heavier. Her last period ended two weeks ago, at most, and the new one has just started. For the night time, she sets her alarm for every three hours so she can change her super absorbent tampon AND her overnight maxi pad. (The maxi isn’t always soaked through, but if she leaves it for longer it will.) She’ll still frequently wake up to a murder scene. It’s a constant struggle for her basically to not have blood running down her thighs (TMI? maybe? I can’t tell anymore).

It was always bad, but this is awful. K’s thinking of how to cancel a trip to see her boyfriend’s family this weekend because she doesn’t know how to deal with the blood. She’s in pain. My heart hurts for her!

When she told her doctor about the level of bleeding, the doc said that this can be normal for IUDs. (Just because something can happen frequently doesn’t make it ok...) Her old doc said progesterin only pills were bad because they didn’t regulate anything, and, K does have a lot of anxiety. She *would* freak out if her period was irregular while she was having sex, even sex with condoms. She really doesn’t like making a “scene” or pushing for other solutions if something isn’t working out. This is especially true since she’s being told this is normal and hormonal bc pills won’t work with her migraines.


Does anyone have ANY ideas? Things to bring up to the doc? Ingenious McGyver-ing so she doesn’t have to hide a crime scene each morning?

*K has requested that her internet pseudonym be Karlos Danger

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