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Birthday Gift Ideas for my Husband (help me)

Inconveniently, Mr. America(?)‘s birthday is December 30th. He is one of those people who just buys something if he wants it and if we can afford it, so I have to figure out something that he didn’t know he wanted. Even though it’s down to the wire, I’ve found that it’s better for me to see how Christmas pans out before I focus on his birthday.

Terms and conditions:

  1. My budget is around $100.
  2. He got a ton of gift cards for Christmas so I don’t want to go that direction.
  3. I am already making him a nice meal and doing that kind of shit, but I want him to have a thing to open.
  4. I had this whole plan to get him kind of a “man of luxury” set of gifts - slippers, a nice robe, etc - AND THEN HE GOT ME THAT FOR CHRISTMAS.
  5. He is nerdy and likes board games and video games (PC) but I am TOTALLY out of my element picking out those things for him.
  6. He really likes old school gentlemanly things - he already has fancy shaving shit and a bunch of ties. I’m too much of a piece of garbage to know what else a clean, classy person would have.
  7. I won’t have enough time at home (with him not around) to make him anything (I’m artistic and crafty).

He had a tough childhood, parents-wise, and he grew up in poverty. As a result, he never really got birthday gifts because his family was broke around Christmas (if they even had much of a Christmas). So I try to make a point to spoil the shit out of him for his birthday, since he never had a party as a kid, and since his family usually doesn’t even send a card.

I would love some ideas from you folks.

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