So yes I'm just flat-out announcing it's my birthday. I'm 29 today!

-My boss who's 43 "29's the birthday I cried" um okay.

-I'm completely useless right now since I have a half day and I'm off on Monday

-My cats didn't whine for breakfast till the alarm I will pretend they understand the concept of birthdays


-Will have to learn to pump my own gas this weekend so that will be an adventure (I've lived in NJ my whole life and we ONLY have attendants there is NO self-serve)

-First girls weekend trip, first trip I've taken "alone" without a boyfriend or family vacation. This will be interesting, I've taken trips with groups and friends but again never solo always with either Geekboy or my ex

-My friend who does lurk on the Gawkerverse but I don't think comes here texted me last night "chocolate or vanilla" then instagrammed some cupcakes she made. I love her, it's HER bachelorette weekend and she made me cupcakes.