Hello everybody, I need a bit of advice here. My work bestie is pregnant with her first kid and is going on maternity leave at the end of November. She has planned a baby shower sometime during the first half of December and her birthday is right before Christmas. Her due date is at the beginning of January.

Because I am a firm believer that mothers are people who also exist outside of having a child (le GASP) I would love to get her a combined babyshower/birthday gift that is not totally about the baby. She is a bit nerdy and loves to cook - I was thinking about a cookbook that focuses on young moms but I have no idea and I cannot write to my favourite cooking blog (The Kitchn) because she reads it daily, too. Have you maybe got any other suggestions that are more along the lines of TREAT YO SELF than "here, you will need this"?

At work we are going to give her a voucher for a baby store (I am organising this), so she won't be without baby-centric gifts or resources.

I don't think I can do Etsy orders unless they are from Europe because of the long shipping times. :(