Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Birthday Recap

I had a great birthday. I slacked off at work. I ate steak. My friend made me the ugliest cake I've ever seen (she is an awesome baker, though, so it tasted great), and when I got home my boo had bought us some new bedroom toys so I ended the night on THAT note.

What actually made it super great, though, is that my grandpa had a very dangerous surgery yesterday and he came out on top, despite the doctors' predictions. I was really worried and didn't want to talk about it but that's the best birthday present ever.


And the fact that my family forgot my birthday because of this is quite hilarious. I knew they might - and I didn't care - but the guilt trip is...excellent.

ETA The number of people I get to guilt trip is 12. 3 of them are my siblings which are my favorite ones to torture.

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