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Birthday Spankings?! (from Prudie)

The most recent Dear Prudence has a question from a person who joked about giving a friend’s daughter a birthday spanking at her party. The person was kicked out and ostracized on social media for being a pervy weirdo as apparently the parents and friend circle had never heard of this tradition.

Well, neither have I! Or Prudie.

Going by the comments, we’re in the minority. I thought it was generational, but people from all age ranges are saying “oh yeah, this is totally a thing, EVERYONE did it.” I am 34. I’ve never heard of it before this morning. Can I get a poll? Birthday spankings?!?!?! There are also some people saying they aren’t “real” spankings so then what are they?


Link to Prudie

(Edited to make the narrative gender-neutral, as I had assumed the OP was a guy; we don’t know).

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