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Yesterday was my birthday and I didn't even make it on to GT the whole day! I spent the whole day doing things with hu-mons in the flesh, and it was mostly a chill but pretty good day. The kids and I spent hours at our friends' house and made a bajillion cupcakes, then the same friends took us all out to dinner, they're pretty awesome. I also got a birthday card from my dad with a butt-load of cash, so I'm super stoked to load up my Amazon cart with bras and Birkies and jeans (I'm trying some new ones that I have high hopes for, I'll post about them if they're everything I hope they can be). It was my dad's birthday as well, he's one of those people who are damn near impossible to gift. When I was still living up there, I would cook for him, but this year I had the kids use ceramic paint pens to draw on a mug for him. He's very rarely without coffee, so at least I know he'll use it! I bought an extra mug for myself and spent a few evenings watching Netflix and doodling on it. I rather like how it turned out.


Ugh, I wish I could format this a little better.

The only not-so-super part of my birthday was what happened with Mr.BT. Since our email exchange that began with him saying he thinks divorce is our only option, we've both been kind badly pretending things are almost normal. Obviously they're not, and I still want to hash all this shit out, but I was hoping we could take a break from it and maybe have a good time with our friends for my birthday. He works nights, so in the morning when he was getting ready for bed, he said his alarm was set for 5:45 so he wouldn't be rushed to leave at 6:30 for dinner at 7:00, sounded good. Since the kids and I were hanging out making cupcakes, we had to head back to the house to pick him up. When I got there at about 6:20, he was still in bed asleep. I didn't even bother waking him up, I was hungry and didn't want to make everybody wait an extra half hour. After dinner, we all went back to our friends' house and sugared up the kids and didn't get home til after 11:00. Mr.BT was slouched in his chair at his computer and didn't even look at me when I was in and getting ready for bed. I just went to sleep with the kids. This morning the same friends texted and asked if we wanted to go get breakfast with them (yes, we like them enough to see them a lot!) and despite the crap, I asked Mr.BT if he wanted to join us. All I got was "No." I'm just waiting for this conversation where it's going to be somehow my fault for not waking him up. The more I think about all the little crap, the more irritated I get. I know this can be a decent relationship, but when there is none of the good, it's so difficult to deal with the bad.

I'm just gonna go fan myself with cash to feel better.

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