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Birthday Week Stuff

I'm 35 now! When the heck did that happen??!?! Oh yeah, Wednesday. But seriously..

This week started off weird with my Grampy being told that his foot is badly infected and oh yeah - no pulse so ummm it needs to come off. He had a stroke years back, is diabetic, having heart failure- just all around bad shape. He declined surgery because he just wants to keep the foot as long as possible even though he hasn't walked in years. I get it though. Still a bummer.


Birthday was good, quiet but busy. When Big Guy asked what I wanted for my bday I had told him all I wanted was to go to the beach. I texted him to see if it would be cool to grab $30 from our account to do so. He was at work and it took a while to get back to me so I made plans with my parents to go to a local lake beach instead since they have too much going on with Grampy and my Mom's mom to do a day trip.

So lil guy and I hit up the lake with my parents for the afternoon. It was great. Then lil guy and I went home, got changed and went out to dinner then DQ awww yeah. The night continues! My tiny date and I then went to a concert on the common in my hometown where he met my high school bestie who just moved back and we saw a ton of people we knew, so much fun! Hooray free fun! When we got home there was a bat house on the kitchen table that big guy picked up. Sweeeet.


Next day lil guy and I drove to RI to hit the real beach. And it was perfect. At 16 months he's already holding hands with girls he just met. Teenagers. Greeeeeaaaat.

Today I met up with a friend I've known for ages at a car show- lil man came too. Good turnout even with yucky weather, bands, vendors, great cars, doggies and more friends. Poor lil guy did face plant though :-(


Tomorrow lil guy and I will be off to my family picnic/reunion! Swimming, softball and eating all the food is the plan! Hooray for a mostly good week!

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