What’s up GT?

Last week I went to a new-ish southern restaurant, and while most of the food was meh, they had these craaaaaazy biscuits. They were just really good buttermilk biscuits, I think, but they had the butter inside already. I figured that just meant it would be kind of buttery flavored, but when you broke it open, it was like if you put butter on a biscuit just out of the oven, you know how it melts into the biscuit and is what I think heaven tastes like. And now I must recreate it without having to pay too much for an underwhelming dinner.

Which is where you come in GT! I make biscuits a lot, but usually just the recipe on the back of the bisquick box. So a) what are your best biscuit recipes and b) any ideas on how to do that melted butter on the inside thing?