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Bisexual issues matter to the White House!

The White House is gonna hold a roundtable discussion (via Autostraddle) on bi-specific issues (oh, you know: the higher rates of anxiety and depression among bisexuals, the higher rates at which surveys show bi women have been subjected to sexual assault and intimate partner violence, the erasure, the double-edged stigma, the other things I'm not going to list because I'm happy now, dammit).

Just a year or two ago, science finally proved that bi men exist...but just look at us wibbly-wobbly-sexy-wexy people now! Totally existing. Possibly getting some sorely needed policy changes.


I'm just not a big fan of the HRC (bi erasure, hello, oh and you too transphobia), and they're the only ones who've confirmed they're coming, but this was only just announced, and still. Happy time. And here's hoping that this discussion addresses other non-monosexuals, too!

This took me completely by surprise, actually. Yes, marriage equality is making great strides (what up, fellow Minnesotans), and there seems to be significantly less homophobia every single day, but so much of the equality campaign has marginalized bisexuals, trans* people, and others. I was really worried we were getting left out of the movement, but this is a damn good sign.

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