I finally got an email back from a job that I’d really really like. The boss wants to set up an interview and is impressed by my resume but it starts in late May (if I get it) and I’ve got a family vacation scheduled for the first week of June. It’s been scheduled for about a year and no, I won’t not go.

What do I say? Do I tell her I’m going to basically be able to work a week and then I’ll be on vacation??? Folks who have regular jobs please help me because I normally work freelance and this wouldn’t be an issue for me. I’d normally just say, “Sorry I’m not available on these dates” and move on.

I don’t want to lose the chance to interview for this job. Am I totally fucked? Do interviewers completely dismiss people who are going away for a week right after the start dates for the job? I guess I could just interview so she can talk to me and maybe keep me in mind for other things...but I want to be completely honest so she can make an informed decision. If she even wants to hire me after the interview.

ETA: Its an assistant job, to be more specific, so I’d feel even worse basically abandoning my bosses right after they hired me. If they do hire me.