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Bitch Mode? Fine. Bitch Mode.

So now some of my fellow employees are stealing tips and trying to justify it. They changed the system under our noses (twice!) and have been doing it for months. And I've been calling them out on it with solid facts. And I'm pretty sure they think I'm a bitch because they're coming at me with bullshit excuses, gaslighting, and doing whatever they want anyway.

The shitty part is that aside from making a stink there's not much else I can do. The tip system has become an oligarchy- the same people who close count the tip money, fill out the tip sheets, and distribute it at the end of the week. They are also the people who benefit from these changes. I don't trust my boss to do anything because he's friends with them and honestly he kind of has it out for me anyway (cuz I stood up to one of his favorite coworkers). Plus he's proven in other ways that he's a shady, abusive, cowardly thief so why would he stand up for justice now?


I'm leaving in a few weeks anyway because of bullshit like this, but I'm pissed that they've stolen this money from so many of their fellow coworkers and continue to do it with impunity. And I'm even more pissed that it's so easy to ignore and/or bully people for speaking out. I feel so isolated at work because I'm not part of this little clique. No one's called me a bitch (though I have been cussed out) but I can tell they're all thinking it, so if I'm going out as a bitch I guess I'll be a boss bitch. A boss-ass employee bitch.

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