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Bitching and Yucking Post

So, over on io9, one of the best on GM, they are running a story about Emma Watson playing opposite Tom Hanks in The Circle, the okay,but not amazing book by Dave Eggers.

Hanks’ character is supposed to be young looking, with grey hair. Sort of who knows how old. I get that.

But, you know, YUCK. In real life, Emma Watson is 25. Tom Hanks is 58. Can we not with this May/December shit? Can’t we at least hire an actor in his late 30s or early 40s, who really does have a young looking face, because Hanks does not? I mean, I like him. I do. But, not with such a young costar. I’m really tired of this trend. Pretty soon, you’ll have to be 18 for the actors in their 70s.


Feel free to complain about whatever you want in the post below.

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