Welcome To The Bitchery


My husband is fond of telling me he thinks bitchy girls are hot. That's probably why more often than not our arguments end up in bed. I've always been strangely proud of my status as "bitchy" or scary. In high school I had a reputation as defender of the under dog and wasn't afraid to tell a racist moron in class to "shut the fuck up with your ignorance." I was opinionated but not in a socially crippling way. I didn't talk serious topics with most of my girlfriends (or we agreed) and my husband's friends loved to try to push my buttons and debate me.

Why was I seen as bitchy? Probably a few reasons. I have a mean case of bitchy resting face (BRF). Unless I'm straight up smiling I look pissed. The joy of having a down turned mouth. But not only that I'm pretty shy and introverted. I can be hard to get to know (unless I'm drunk and then holy fuck I'm a fountain). I had a new friend comment "I'm glad you are my friend. Otherwise I would think you hated me." Gee. Thanks. Even though my anxiety has tampered down my opinionated-ness over the years my reputation proceeds me and I'm still known as the liberal, opinionated girl. And as we are all aware opinionated women are actually bitchy. Finally, well, I am kind of bitchy. My humor definitely skews more sarcastic and dark. And I sometimes forget not everyone appreciates or gets it. But I like it. My family, especially my husband think I'm hilarious. I like being bitchy.

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