in order to keep from responding to the load of bullshit my sister and her husband keep posting on Facebook. In the last few weeks they’ve posted:

  • that terrible YouTube video of the supposed Planned Parenthood “organ sales” thing with the caption “Is it a woman’s ‘right to choose’ if what they’re choosing is this? (Yes, yes it is. That caption doesn’t even make sense.)
  • this terrible fucking article with the caption “may we see the entirety of our sin”
  • THIS article, which actually refers to women who support abortion as “witches”!
  • This fucking bullshit article with a bunch of “evidence” to support creationism
  • This article that’s another homophobic piece of shit
  • This article with the ridiculous headline “Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights”
  • And this article that argues kids are harmed by being raised by gay couples....linemouth

I actually feel like the things my sister and her husband believe are fundamentally unethical. I don’t want to start a war, especially because they are fucking futile to argue with, but it feels wrong to say nothing about some of this shit because it isn’t just crazy, misinformed and incorrect - it’s wrong. Especially the homophobic stuff. SO wrong. I’m almost considering deleting them from Facebook over it.