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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Bits and Bobs, ft. An Open Call for People Who Want to Lead a Skillshare, a Duolingo Turkish Club and an OT

Greetings fellow citizens of our glorious, imminently dystopic society, I hope your Sunday is going peachy.

I suddenly had a bunch of random things to post, so I’ve decided to combine everything into one post. In the spirit of embracing the random chaos of universe into which we all seem to be rapidly spiraling, please also consider this to be an OT if the spirit moves you.


1. I Made a Duolingo Turkish club! It is called “GT Turkish” because “Lesbian Shitasses Learning Turkish” didn’t fit. Code: U6R9D3. Come join! Turkish is fun!

2. Practical skills support group: per my orginal post, I had suggested that we use the second Sunday of the month to identify a person or two who want to volunteer to lead us in a skill share the next week.


So, is anyone interested in volunteering? I know that there are a lot of people with interesting skill sets on GT and it would be fun to try to leverage that. I’m thinking it could be like a reddit AMA thread. (Eg. My name is X and I’m skilled at self defense using every day objects, ask me anything.) But obviously any volunteer would have free reign about how they would structure it. (Eta. r damascena and skymeat have volunteered to share food related skills, so we are going to make it a food themed first month!)

3. Finally, Scotland is everything. Scotland is our one true hope.

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