Notes in why I need to stay off instagram.

Why am I so fascinated by this feud? I feel like it is this long trainwreck and I can’t stop watching. This last post (Blac Chyna posted texts on instagram from Tyga which I’m not team anybody in this situation, except for team baby, cuz that baby is mad cute and I feel bad for him in all of this mess. But also, why are they fighting so hard over Tyga? He seems not that much of a catch. Are they all just doing this for the publicity?

And, full disclosure, when I was 17 I was a freshman in college and definitely dated someone who was 25 (oh, restaurant business, the things you have taught me), so I cannot be too judgmental on what Kylie is doing. I think Tyga is the messed up one here, generally.

Anyway. Anybody else who has an irrational attraction to this drama, please enter your thoughts below.

If nobody does... I’ll just... be over here...