Looks like this is the official week of "what the fuck did I just read" and "Nancy, what the fuck are you talking about, please?"

I really expected to enjoy this interview. Black Dynamite is great. I expected to read an insightful take on the fall of Bill Cosby. Carl Jones makes a lot of great, insightful points on other topics. Until he actually starts talking about Bill Cosby. Because he feels a lot of empathy for Bill Cosby. And Bill Cosby is a hero. And people just like to take a hero down. That's what's important:

"I don't know how many of the people who are saying stuff really care about it, you know? Because my thing would be—I want to make sure that I'm very clear about this, so it doesn't sound hypocritical—but what I'm saying is, if you really cared about him, if you truly cared about him—as much energy as you're putting into criticizing him for being a human being, because these things that he's doing a lot of people are doing, but they're not in the limelight, so you just don't hear about it.

But anyway, I'm saying that obviously if he's involved in some debauchery that he supposedly doesn't stand for, there's a lot of places that you can take punches at him, whatever. But I guarantee you none of these people tried to reach out to him and see if there's something they could do to help him. I think they took the opportunity to either get some attention or I truly believe sometimes it's just in us to see other people fail, especially when they reach the top. When they're at the bottom, you root for them. As soon as you cross a certain threshold, then suddenly you don't really want to see them do well anymore. It's a weird psychological thing that human beings have."


There's more. Oh, there's more. It manages to get worse.

"I think the only way it'll go away is one, he continues to ignore it or two, he just owns up to it and says, So what? I guess what I'm saying is, they poke him because they want some bees to come out"

And he also throws Hannibal Buress under the bus, claiming Hannibal is just sick of hearing about it, already. Maybe he made that comment to Carl Jones, but I doubt he'd appreciate it being brought up in this context. Writer Dave Schilling appears to have been taken aback as I was, and perhaps that explains why he went some of the more staggering assertions in this interview go unchallenged at the time.

*loud, exasperated sigh*

I really don't know if the way Schilling has characterized these comments in his introduction is true, because I'm seeing people of all races defend Cosby in much the same way as Jones has. I'm not as qualified as Schilling to comment on that point, frankly, but yeah, I've seen similar defensive comments about Cosby from a wide variety of people. Mostly white people, in fact.