So I am official the VP for the Union Local and have been in full swing these past few weeks. One of the initiatives I'd like to roll out is the recognition of certain cultural events as well as raise awareness of societal issues. So in this spirit I'm going to being with Black History Month. Which I just remembered is happening right now.

I know my home town history and I know my linage. But I don't know the history of Ontario very well (except Windsor) so I'm going to look this up. That said I need some inspiration.

So tell me folks (and I will steal some of what you say and pretend I though of it all on my own FYI) what does Black History Month mean to you? Why do we celebrate it? What's everyone else (not black) supposed to care for?


Personally I see it as a celebration of our contribution to what society is today and in the future and it helps others to understand why we are an important and contributing group, especially historically.