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Welcome To The Bitchery

Yo guys, I just started watching this on netflix cuz my friend who i trust said it was really good. It's definitely good, but it's also kind of mind boggling.

and really confirms everything i hate about human nature.

but it's also addicting and fascinating so i'm gonna go watch some more of it.

this ramble brought to you by 24hrs without another human and netflix!

ETA: i just watched through s2e1 and i am feeling all the feels. the third one was so sad but so relatable, and exactly why i would never want that kind of technology to exist. it's hard enough to get over things when you're just mentally replaying them, but being able to actually project those memories?? eek!


also the first one of season 2 made me cry. it's so so sad and heart wrenching and just woah.

all in all, i'm obvi gonna watch the rest because i think it's really good! i'm also going to rec it to my mom. she loves scifi. this might be a bit too dark for her though.


i was thinking it kind of reminds me of 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro. For some reason future scifi always seems more real/believable to me when it takes place in the UK. maybe because i'm not from there so i can believe it more? also because they have CCTV everywhere and that feels so futuristic to me, being from the US. i dunno. maybe also because british accents just sound more credible to my dumb US-self.

anyways, thanks for chatting with me about it!!

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