Say hello to my little friend that's been in the basement of my apartment building:

A couple of women moved into the building at the same time as us. They were nice. One was a vet tech and a little over-reactive, but I speak that language and can translate.

One week in September, Cooper and I stopped by the apartment to say hi and was greeted with the news that the basement of the building had black mold that was drifting up into their apartment, the landlords denied it and they were moving out.

Again, Over-reactive girl IS over-reactive (for some strange reason, also a blogger for a mold site and knows people in "the mold business) but then I sat down and looked at the pictures they took.


For some of these, I don't know what I'm seeing (there was/is also a weird 1970s style porn room down there, but whatever). Others, however, HOLY MOLD BATMAN!


They got a lawyer (again, the "mold business") especially because each of them was experiencing fatigue and flu-like symptoms. The landlord saw the pictures with one of them saying regarding the shower curtain, "Well, that one's shower scum!" The building manager (who looks like he would use a 1970s porn room) and the landlords (or whoever) came in and cleaned those rooms downstairs and have NOW (as of today) put padlocks on the doors.

I know for the "cleaners" were not professional cleaners for this kind of thing. I have no pictures of it post-clean up. A city inspector finally showed up Wednesday, the day after the women moved out, and didn't call anyone or buzz me to get inside.


We're on the second floor on the other side of the building from the rooms with the mold (small apartment building, six flat, three on either side). I haven't noticed BLACK mold but some white/green spores around our bathroom and front door. I treated some of it with bleach but noticed it today in other parts of the same areas.


Meanwhile, my body has been kinda freaking out. Last week I was getting tired around 1 pm or so and slept for 12 hours on Saturday. My left foot/ankle has been sore and Sunday, I tripped and fell. Wednesday, my feet started hurting on the way home from therapy with a 6/7 on the pain scale going up the sides of my ankles and shins and on the top of my ankles. Currently, my feet/toes feel swollen and my shoes feel abnormally tight. My coordination has been off and it feels most of the time like I forgot how to walk. Today, the right side of my back has been sore.

These could be totally unrelated symptoms (I've always had weak ankles and it apparently runs in my family). Plus, I already have depression and anxiety so mood changes are difficult to notice from the norm. Mother-In-Law heard about the mold today (damn Facebook) and mentioned a relative having to throw out all her stuff, tearing down the house, and some kind of connection to fibromyalgia.


Now, I'm nervous and paranoid and shining a flashlight through the hole in our bathroom cabinet. And since the women moved out, there's not really anyone in the apartment building working on this... except me. I'm the only one in the building who has seen these pics.

Husband is coming back home tomorrow and we might go to an urgent care place here to check on my ankle but all my PCP stuff is up in Wisconsin and again: KINDA FREAKING OUT. I don't normally web-md freak out but when there's a new injury... not so much.

Help?!? Advice?!?! Please?!?!