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Black Tapes podcast and assorted grievances OT

Any BTP listeners here? (I know there’s at least one, but I can’t remember who it was.) I just finished season 2 and I feel so annoyingly let down. I powered through the second season this week, while I was processing and canning pears, so at least I got the pears done, I guess?

For me this is ranking right up there with seasons 2 of True Detective and Mr Robot. Or any music Lady Gaga has put out since Born This Way. Such auspicious starts! So much promise! You get so sucked in!

And then...


What meaningless things have you been disappointed in lately? Netflix show you watched diligently until its unsatisfying conclusion? Book you slogged through that never paid off? Podcast that was not worth the associated headache from wearing headphones for hours?

ALSO: picking pears is fun! Picking 93 POUNDS of pears is stupid. Processing 93 lbs of pears will turn your nails brown and make your cuticles permanently sticky. Don’t pick 93 lbs of pears.

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