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Black Widow Solo Film Pretty Much Confirmed

Details here.

At this point, there is no confirmed news about writers or directors attached to the project, but for my part, I hope that Marvel takes this opportunity to hire their first female director for a movie in the current MCU. This would be the fifth confirmed Marvel film for Scarlett Johansson, who began appearing as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Feige also did not speak to whether the Black Widow film would be a part of Marvel's Phase 3, films that take place after Age of Ultron up through The Avengers 3, but given how he's talking about the plotline for the movie growing organically from Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, I'd say it seems to be implied. That would give Marvel's a Phase 3 that currently consists of Ant-Man, a developing Doctor Strange film, a third Captain America film, a third Avengers film, and our first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie featuring a female character in the lead, a Black Widow film.

About time, Marvel! I'm particularly hoping we can get a Captain Marvel movie in Phase 3 as well.


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