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Blackface alert: HALP!

A music venue in my hometown is letting a musician perform in blackface this upcoming weekend. The justification from the artist is essentially that you "can't do a Jimi Hendrix tribute without full costume!" and it isn't racist cause he loves Jimi Hendrix. The venue's response to criticism boils down to "it isn't racist just cause it's blackface and it isn't nearly as offensive as the Wayne Brothers in White Chicks."

Mother of God.

I am too infuriated to be intelligent and coherent about this, so does anyone know any good blogs (GT or external) that I can show people who are asking why this is wrong, and why blackface specifically is different than black men/other minorities dressed up as white people? I'm trying to inform my friends so they can be armed to fight this, but I am not making a whole lot of sense right now.


Agh! Angry gifs also welcome. Oh, and if you don't know a blog but have ammo for me, I will totally give you anonymous credit if I can pass your words along.

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