I caught the last two episodes of these great shows last night. Well did take a break to see the American Idol elimination.

a) Is Blacklist becoming the new Love Boat where old B list actors pop up as villians and guest shots? Jane Alexander, Alan Alda and last night Dianne Weist was on. I am reaching a confusion about Red and his daughter. I have a hunch its Tom's girlfriend. I still don't know whats so important about his wife.

Also did anyone cringe with the script and the teachers talking about the novel Lolita?

b) Rizzoli and Isles is starting to pull a Hawaii 50 and Bones where the lives of the characters have more screentime then the murders themselves. Last H50 the murder seemed like an afterthought to Danno's mother visiting him. Actually when the show focused against on the murder (H50) I had try to recall the murder.

I loooved when Jane's mother told off her exhusband and told him to go back to Florida. I clapped. He treated her like a yes woman when they were married, then he dumped her now that he is sick he wants her to take care of him. Ah no. I was so proud of her. Lorraine Bracco's character is always fun to watch.