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Blame that Emotional Woman

So, Chris Christie commissioned a million-dollar report from his personal legal team that wound up clearing him 100% from involvement in the Bridgegate affair. No surprise there, and it put all the blame on his fired deputies, saying they acted totally independently for their own inexplicable reasons. I didn't read the report itself, but I just saw this piece from the NYT criticizing the sexist language they used to focus blame on one particular aide, who wasn't even interviewed for the report.

"This report was meant to whitewash Governor Christie's reputation as a bully, but it actually confirms that he does embrace a culture of intimidation and retaliation," said Lis Smith, a Democratic consultant who worked for the man Mr. Christie defeated in 2009, Gov. Jon S. Corzine. "He's throwing every sexist slur at Kelly while needlessly and aggressively injecting details about her personal life. It's a cynical attempt to distract from the real story."


Worth a read.

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