Today it's 0820, I have 40 mins to:

* Do all the washing up and give the flat a quick clean and tidy

* Finish packing my case

* Have something to eat

* Complete online check-in

* Get showered, dressed and at least vaguely beautified since I look disgusting at the moment.


Then it's just travelling all day. It was the second night of only four hours sleep last night so I'm finding it difficult to get my arse into gear.

What are you guys up to?

Edit: I couldnt stop running in cIrcles This mornNg So am really ReALlY late. You may not have noticed Due to My skillZ But im On the my mobilE. There Is a Actual Chance I will Iss my Flight. Gak. I fuckinG hate This phonE. It is imppssibLe To tyE with