I should be working, but I'm hanging out on Pinterest and listening to Pandora instead. I slept till 9:30 because of a really uncomfortable work interaction that has left me feeling angry and dirty.

Fuck sales, man. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but after killing myself for an event last night - and killing it at the event - the buyer had to go and get all creepy on me. And this was after I discussed with him how difficult it is being a woman in wine sales. And after his boss pointed out that other women had transferred to their account specifically because they did not creep them out/threaten/exploit them as others in their position so terrifyingly often do.

Long story short, my personal cell is my work cell, too. He texted me constantly all evening after the event and dinner (professional dinner with his boss, as well. My treat), saying really inappropriate things and being excessively suggestive. I AM NOT FOR SALE BUCKO.

Fuck everything. And I thought this experience, and this story, were bad enough.